The Virtue Chronicles #2 - The Warrior Maiden

Andrew and Eve are immediately thrown into their second time-travel adventure.  This time, they meet up with Joan of Arc, the young peasant girl Jeanne Dolremy, who fights to get the true king of France crowned.  First she has to remove the vastly superior  occupying English army. Battles, sieges and close calls make for a nail-biting adventure for the kids.

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I have been alerted to a number of books that showed up on Amazon on October 16th, self-published and authored by me apparently.  They are not mine, nor did I post them.  They are either plagiarized from other authors or are blatant knockoffs of popular fiction.  I'm sorry if you've ordered any of these titles, thinking they were mine. I apologize to any authors out there whose work has been stolen by this prankster. I have alerted Amazon, but please do the same if you come across one of these titles.

The Virtue Chronicles #1:
The Saintly Outlaw

The Augustine Institute presents a new series of books by Paul set in Hope Springs.  The Virtue Chronicles feature Andrew Perry (Nick and Sam's older brother) and Eve Virtue as they discover the mysterious Radiant Stone, which sends them into adventures in the past. 


The first book, The Saintly Outlaw, has them traveling to Sherwood Forest, where they meet Robin Hood.  The book is designed for 8-12 year-olds and can be a companion piece to the audio drama The Legends of Robin Hood.

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The Adventures of Nick and Sam

Follow 7 year-old twins, Nick and Samantha Perry, as they navigate a challenging year of school, faith, spelling bees and Bigfoot.

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The box set of all six novels is available exclusively from

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Paul McCusker is a writer of many different kinds of things. You may know him from Adventures In Odyssey and Focus On The Family Radio Theatre. Or the Father Gilbert Mysteries. Or the Augustine Institute audio dramas Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi (2018 Audie Award winner) and The Legends of Robin Hood. Or plays like The First Church of Pete's Garage and Catacombs. Or C.S. Lewis projects like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters audio dramas or The Annotated Screwtape Letters.  Or the film Beyond The Mask. Or lots of other dramas, novels, scripts and lyrics. He simply can't make up his mind what he likes to write. 

Fake Paul McCusker Books on Amazon


Fortunately, the pirated books have been removed by Amazon, as of October 19.  If you happen to run into any books with my name that seem suspicious, please let us know.