The Virtue Chronicles: The Saintly Outlaw

The Augustine Institute presents a new series of books by Paul set in Hope Springs.  The Virtue Chronicles feature Andrew Perry (Nick and Sam's older brother) and Eve Virtue as they discover the mysterious Radiant Stone, which sends them into adventures in the past.  The first book, The Saintly Outlaw, has them traveling to Sherwood Forest, where they meet Robin Hood.  The book is designed for 8-12 year-olds and can be a companion piece to the audio drama The Legends of Robin Hood.

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NEW from AIR Theatre:

The Legends of Robin Hood


Hero. Outlaw. Faithful. Rogue. Champion. Vigilante.

How do you fight for justice when the laws are unjust? 

Where are the lines between a righteous cause and hate-filled revenge? 
The relentless cruelty and tyranny by the elite nobility of England demanded that someone rise up to give answer. And so Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood, a man thrown into a fierce struggle to balance his deep faith with a call to action in a violent age. Featuring over 60 actors, cinematic sound and original music, The Legends of Robin Hood is an exciting 12-part audio drama from the award-winning Augustine Institute. Bold and inspiring, the Augustine Institute's audio dramas take storytelling to a whole new level of sound that quickens the imagination and inspires the heart. 

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Paul is currently in Rome, to celebrate the canonization of one of his favorite writers, Cardinal John Henry Newman.  He's staying on one of the lovely cobbled streets near the Vatican.  He'll be creating some devotional blogs with meditations and prayers for RC Spirituality. 


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October 12, 2019


Paul outside St Peter's.

Paul McCusker is a writer of many different kinds of things. You may know him from Adventures In Odyssey and Focus On The Family Radio Theatre. Or the Father Gilbert Mysteries. Or the Augustine Institute audio dramas Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi (2018 Audie Award winner) and The Trials of Saint Patrick. Or plays like The First Church of Pete's Garage and Catacombs. Or C.S. Lewis projects like The Chronicles of Narnia audio dramas or The Annotated Screwtape Letters.  Or the film Beyond The Mask. Or lots of other dramas, novels, scripts and lyrics. He simply can't make up his mind what he likes to write.