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Children's Fiction

The Augustine Institute has launched a series of chapter books called "The Adventures of Nick and Sam." Based in the Colorado town of Hope Springs, the stories follow 8-year-old twins Nick and Samantha Perry, as they encounter the challenges of everyday life and faith. Like starting at a new school or being in a Christmas pageant. And getting into plenty of scrapes!

The Adventures of Nick & Sam

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Perfect Gifts

It's Nick and Sam's 8th birthday.  Will they get what they've asked for, or will they get themselves into trouble? You've guessed it!

Hidden Treasures

Nick and Sam start at a new school, make new friends, and learn about faith and the importance of the past.

The Best Advent Ever

We learn about some of the traditions of the Perry family as they wait for the arrival of Jesus at Christmas.  But can Nick handle being an angel in the school play?

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Trouble with Lent

Nick and Sam struggle with what they should give up for Lent.  What with the Spelling Bee, Big Foot, and temptations along the way, can they learn about the love of Jesus and the coming joy of Easter?

A World of Wonder

The Perry twins become the subject of a school science project and learn that God, like the world he created, is mysterious and wonderful.

View From the Top

The Perry twins discover that how they deal with inflatable castles, bad throws, and difficult decisions often depends on having the right point of view. It's a lesson for everyone in this exciting and fun-filled story.

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Summer Blast

Nick and Sam are looking forward to an exciting summer. But problems arise when the move into the old family house causes conflicts with friends, the arrival of their six-year-old cousin triggers chaos, and a strange event nudges the kids into an age-old mystery. Summer Blast brings family fun and inspiration together with the suprises of everyday life.

Summer Grace

July means two things for Nick & Sam: a big celebration on the Fourth, and going to Camp W. And both offer a few surprises. Who knew that watching fireworks from Chimney Hill would lead to more mystery surrounding a house that burned to the ground? Or that camp would be filled with crazy games, angry bees, strange thieves, a powerboat, and sleep-walking? With Summer Grace, readers see first-hand the moments of grace God wants us all to share. 

Summer Discovery

Summer is coming to an amazing finish for the Perry family. But there's a lot left to do. Nick is even more determined to solve the mystery of the fire on Chimney Hill. Sam is driven to answer the age-old secrets behind her artistic ancestor Janelle Perry. And the whole town is wondering if Chaser the Donkey will ever come home again. It's a summer of discovery that tests the twins' understanding of friendship, loyalty, and forgiveness. 

The Imagination Station Series

The Imagination Station series follows cousins Patrick and Beth as they head to different periods and learn the true stories and meet the people behind the history.
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