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Stage Projects

Paul has written various stage projects, including One and Two Act Plays, Full-Length Plays, and Musicals. Contact us for more information.

One & Two Act Plays

Dear Diary

Billie is a teen with problems: parents, boyfriend, grades.  She tells her diary all about it and thinks about suicide. 

Funny and poignant, the play guides us through Billie's journey from despair to hope.

1 male, 2 females, 1 teen boy, 2 teen girls.

Available in print or PDF.  Includes rights to copy.  Performance fees apply.

Order from our Contact us page.


Season Tickets: The Easter Collection

Each pageant-styled play in this collection of do-it-yourself dramatic musicals can be used with or without the suggested music. Unique and fresh perspectives of the Easter story provide excellent choices for the church or group that wants to do more than a retelling of the death and resurrection of Christ. Includes: "You Are the Christ" (40 minutes); "Arise" (40 minutes); and "The Price of Love" (40 minutes).


Season Tickets: The Christmas Collection

The Season Tickets series is an answer to the frequent request: "Please give us an easy-to-stage musical in which the storyline is more important than the songs." This collection features three finely-crafted, 40-minute plays for the Christmas season "A Mountain Christmas Memory;" "The Valley Haven Christmas Show;" and "One Special Christmas." Each of the three scripts presents a warm and happy view of the yuletide celebration and draw on people from different age groups, speaking to contemporary headaches and heartaches.


The Revised Standard Version Of Jack Hill

Jack Hill is a nice, mild-mannered chemist who loves God and serves Him in his own quiet fashion. However, he desperately wishes to be more dynamic in professing his faith, but he doesn't feel he has the personality to touch other people's lives. A suggestion made in jest leads to a goofy Jekyll-and-Hyde comedy.


The Case Of The Frozen Saints

A church is dead, and Sam Slade, a low-rent private investigator, is called in to find the murderer. Very silly, but also on target!


The First Church Of Pete's Garage

Idealistic Pete is dissatisfied with his church, so he starts his own, with hilarious results.


Full-Length Plays

Father's Anonymous

A two-man show that takes the audience from birth to old age. Written as a poignant sketch revue, the work has snappy dialogue and great humor. This episodic show runs the gamut from a hysterical view of a new father, to a heartbreaking reminder of the desperate need elderly parents have for the love of their children.

2 males.

Available in print or PDF.  Includes rights to copy.  Performance fees apply.

Order from our Contact us page.


Pap's Place

A son and his family who must decide what to do with 80-year-old Pap whose strength may be failing, but whose mind is as sharp as the proverbial tack. Humor and sentiment are nicely combined in this two-act play.

4 male, 2 females, 1 teen boy.

Available in print or PDF.  Includes rights to copy.  Performance fees apply.

Order from our Contact us page.


A Work In Progress

In two acts and 23 short scenes, the audience is confronted with a cast of believable characters who wrestle with the likes of witnessing, lifestyles, persecution, confusion, accountability, God's will, and instant Christianity. The setting is a discipling group and the several worlds of its members. More often than not the storyline is humorous, always pointed, and now and then heartbreaking.

The cast may be about any size you wish, especially with doubling parts. Some sketches will stand alone as sermon starters, but they will work best and with greater impact as a whole evening's presentation.


Snapshots & Portraits

Snapshots and Portraits is one of Paul's most popular plays, in that it deals with such family concerns as the unmarried daughter, the rebellious teenage son, single parenthood, and a rest home-bound father. The person who tries to hold this group together is Jim Thorpe, recently widowed and carrying all the family problems. A happy ending reveals that everything turns out right.


Camp W

Another hit comedy show by the writer of many of the best Jeremiah People shows. Loads of laughs as you suffer with the Christian counselors at Camp W! Practical jokes, youth ministry foul-ups, campers' squabbles, impossible romances, improbable Bible-study sessions—everything good goes bad. Even the plumbing! When it bursts, the health department threatens to close down the camp. Everybody comes through to save the day, even the most cynical wise guy. You'll like the action, the crazy characters, and the message of this fast-paced, laugh-filled comedy.

6 females, 12 males, 18 total cast

CAMP W.jpg

Family Outings

The Baileys head to a cabin in the woods to relax, and learn a lot about themselves, each other and God in the process.

Available as PDF file. Includes rights to copy.  Performance fees apply.

Order from our Contact us page.



Still Paul's most popular play.

Christian fugitives run from a state where their beliefs are illegal.  They meet in an abandoned church, where their faith is challenged.  Even to death.

11 males, 3 females (some roles flexible).

Available in print or PDF.  Includes rights to copy.  Performance fees apply.

Order from our Contact us page.


Death By Chocolate

Members of the newly renovated Meadowbrook Health Resort are dropping like flies, including famed chef Edith Chiles! On the eve of the grand re-opening, this is not the best advertisement. It’s up to John Stone, the manager, to find the cause and the murderer.



A Time For Christmas

A workaholic who has no time for Christmas is visited by Bartholomew on Christmas Eve. A musical tour of the history of Christmas follows, from the shepherds to Bing Crosby.  Solos, choir, and kids choir numbers.

Music by David Clydesdale.


The Meaning Of Life & Other Vanities

A Broadway-style musical revue for a mixed cast of almost any size that intertwines music and sketches to examine the futility of life without God. Based on the Book of Ecclesiastes, it presents a variety of contemporary people and situations as they look for the meaning of life in unsuccessful ways.

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