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Adult Fiction

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Into the Catacombs

A band of fugitive Christians is on the run. Their only escape route takes them to an abandoned
Catholic church in the mountains. The resistance leader who is supposed to guide them across the border to safety is now missing. Can they get away before government agents close in? 

Last Things

Michael Reynolds' well-ordered life crumbles when he suddenly loses his job and finds out his father has Alzheimer's. Through the loss, heartbreak and conflict these changes bring, Michael finds God's faithfulness, love and mercy at work.

Blue Christmas

Richard Lee is gone but not forgotten.  Actually, he's not gone and it is puzzling as to why.  He watches as his family and friends react to his death and come to terms with who he was and who they are. Heartwarming and funny, "Blue Christmas" explores faith, healing, and Elvis.

Father Gilbert Mysteries

Detective-turned-priest Father Louis Gilbert investigates mysteries with an edge of the supernatural.

Click here for information on the Father Gilbert Audio Dramas. 

Time Scene Investigators

The "Time Scene Investigators" team in these thrillers trace the source of deadly epidemics back through history, in order to find a cure in the present. Co-written with Dr. Walt Larimore.

The Mill House & A Season of Shadows

On opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Lainey and Nicholas try to piece together a mystery that will change their relationships with their families, and each other, forever.
In this prequel to The Mill House, a troubled young American woman flees to London just in time for the Blitz.
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