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Young Adult Fiction

The Virtue Chronicles

The Virtue Chronicles follows the time-traveling adventures of Andrew Perry and Eve Virtue, as they use the ancient Radiant Stone to encounter the great people and events of history. Their adventures in the past also trigger mysteries in the present, as they learn more and more about the work of secretive explorer Alfred Virtue. Part of the world of Hope Springs, The Virtue Chronicles series is written for 10-to-12 year-olds


The Saintly Outlaw

Andrew Perry likes history, but he never expected to experience it firsthand. 

But that’s what happens when he meets the unusual Eve Virtue, a direct descendant of the explorer and entrepreneur Alfred Virtue. Eve has uncovered Alfred Virtue’s greatest secret: the mysterious Radiant Stone. Before Andrew knows it, the two of them are in twelfth-century England, caught up in the adventures of the saintly outlaw Robin Hood.

The Warrior Maiden

In The Warrior Maiden, the second book of the series, Andrew and Eve have just returned from their time with the legendary Robin Hood in 13th century England (told in The Saintly Outlaw). But their return isn’t easy. Through an accidental touch of the Radiant Stone, the two are transported to 15th century France. Without the Radiant Stone in their grasp, Andrew and Eve don’t know how they’ll ever return to the present. Yet they cling to the hope that they are in the past to serve a purpose. Circumstances bring them into the company of the young Joan of Arc as she seeks to fulfill God’s mission to overthrow English domination and make France’s volatile prince into the true king of France. Taken on as her “guardian angels,” the two time-travelers experience first-hand the trials and victories of the “Warrior Maiden.” At every step, they learn to trust God, even while hoping to find a way home again – and some unlikely characters may have the answer they need.

The Hidden Heroes

In The Hidden Heroes: Andrew and Eve must travel to Elizabethan England (16th century) to find Dr. Howard, a man from the present, who travelled there accidentally. They are immediately thrown into the danger of that time, as Queen Elizabeth and her notorious Privy Council attempt to imprison faithful Catholics. On the run, they must evade “hunters” while searching for Dr. Howard. Along the way, they meet the Hidden Heroes of the Catholic faith – Edmund Campion, Robert Persons, Ralph Sherwin and the many other priests who journeyed through England to encourage and minister to the suffering Catholics there. Andrew and Eve soon experience the harrowing lives of fugitives, persecution as Catholics, and the remarkable grace that comes in the midst of trouble. Through Andrew and Eve, readers will learn the amazing history of the English martyrs who bravely served Jesus and His Church in conditions few of us can imagine.

Passages Series

In the six Passages novels, kids from historical Odyssey travel to a strange land called Marus, and get involved in adventures that bear a surprising resemblance to certain Bible stories. See if your children can figure out which! 


The Time Thriller Trilogy

The Time Thriller Trilogy delivers gripping, fast-paced mysteries. A long history of strange disappearances and unexplainable occurrences leave clues that the town of Fawlt Line may actually sit on a time fault— a portal to alternate times— a twist of fate that puts all of Fawlt Line’s citizens in serious danger. 


Ripple Effect

Elizabeth stays home to take a bath and plan on how she can escape her parents by running away. But after she almost drowns when the bathtub fills with muddy water, she emerges to find that her world, and everyone in it, has changed. Elizabeth has dropped into another girl’s existence—a questionable life full of untrustworthy relationships and secrets that threaten her life. Is she dreaming or is she an amnesiac as everyone suspects? Will she find the faith to uncover the truth and make her way back to her own reality?

Out of Time

To hear the sheriff and the hospital staff talk, the stranger is too dangerous to be released. But Jeff Dubbs and his Uncle aren't so sure. The mysterious man isn't speaking gibberish, but perfect Latin--and he says he is King Arthur.

Memory's Gate

Elizabeth thought volunteering at the Fawlt Line Retirement Center would be fun, but she quickly has second thoughts. While most of the residents are wonderful, there’s something about the place and a strangely familiar man in a wheelchair that gives her the creeps. When people start disappearing from the center, leaving behind cryptic notes, Elizabeth is convinced the time fault is involved. Her own time-travel adventure may be the key to solving the mystery, but can she convince the sheriff she’s telling the truth before more people disappear?

Adventures in Odyssey Series


Strange Journey Back

In this first 4 novel omnibus, Paul writes of the adventures of Mark Prescott, a new kid in Odyssey, who has to deal with family issues, getting into trouble, and new friendships, all under the watchful eye of Mr. Whittaker.

Point of No Return

More adventures with Mark, Patti, and Jack, as they learn about trusting God, consequences, and dealing with their peers.

Danger Lies Ahead!

Matt and Jack learn first-hand about The Underground Railroad in a thrilling adventure.  Jimmy Barclay discovers the cost of doing the right thing, and a stranger challenges the kids at Whits End.

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