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July, 2014
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The CS Lewis estate invited Paul to annotate "The Screwtape Letters," the first of Lewis' books to have such annotations written. The notes are not theological or interpretive (who would dare!), but explantions of literary references and WW2 English-isms, along with directions to other Lewis' writings on subjects raised in the book. It provides insights for those who know "Screwtape" well, and for those reading it for the first time. This beautiful hardback gift book is available on Amazon.
Did you know?
All "Adventures in Odyssey" albums and most Radio Theatre productions are now available on iTunes and Amazon to download.
Last year, Radio Theatre released its newest drama, "CS Lewis at War," the story of Lewis' relationship with the BBC and the WW2 radio broadcasts which later became the classic "Mere Christianity."
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Now, Paul's meticulously- researched book of the story of Mere Christianity" has been released!