Sketch Collections

A large collection of skits for churches and youth groups. The short scenes range from very silly to very serious, but all serve a purpose, and there is always a message behind the madness.

Fun, thought-provoking, quick to rehearse and easy to perform, here are one hundred sketches designed for use in any setting where you'd like to entertain or stimulate discussion. They are ideal for youth groups or schools, as sermon illustrations, and as discussion starters.

A collection of scenes ranging from the hysterical to the sublime. A treasure for theological dramatists and adventurous youth groups that will be sure to test your sense of humor as well as strengthen your faith. 

Running the gamut from comedy to poignancy, these 17 sketches deal with all phases of the Christian walk. For youth or adults, they are easily staged, requiring small casts and generally no scenery. None take a great deal of acting experience. Ideal for Sunday School classes or anytime discussion is appropriate, not to mention pointed entertainment.

Another collection of playlets and monologues which should prove just as popular with church youth leaders as with ministers. The sketches may be used as discussion aids, entertainments, parts of church services, and many other forms of Christian fellowship.

Christian youth and their leaders will delight in this witty collection of short skits which explore human relationships, ironies, and misconceptions on a variety of comic and dramatic situations. With timely and realistic dialogue.