Adventures in Odyssey Book Series

STRANGE JOURNEY BACK - In this first 4 novel omnibus, Paul writes of the adventures of Mark Prescott, a new kid in Odyssey, who has to deal with family issues, getting into trouble, and new friendships, all under the watchful eye of Mr Whittaker.

DANGER LIES AHEAD - More adventures with Mark, Patti and Jack, as they learn about trusting God, consequences and dealing with their peers.

POINT OF NO RETURN - Matt and Jack learn the first-hand about The Underground Railroad in a thrilling adventure.  Jimmy Barclay discovers the cost of doing the right thing, and a stranger challenges the kids at Whits End.

In the six Passages novels, kids from historical Odyssey travel to a strange land called Marus, and get involved in adventures which bear a surprising resemblance to certain Bible stories. See if your children can figure out which! 

The Imagination Books are chapter books for young readers, and follow the adventures of Patrick and Beth as they travel through history and learn valuable lessons.  There are 23 in the series so far, many written or co-written by Paul.

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Odyssey Lovers!  If your church or youth group wants to recreate some classic scenes, then these sketch collections are for you!