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Richard Lee is gone but not forgotten.  Actually he's not gone, and is puzzling as to why.  He watches as his family and friends react to his death and come to terms with who he was and who they are. Heartwarming and funny, "Blue Christmas" explores faith, healing and Elvis.


Detective-turned-priest Father Louis Gilbert investigates mysteries with an edge of the supernatural.

On opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Lainey and Nicholas try to piece together a mystery that will change their relationships with their families, and each other, forever.

The "Time Scene Investigators" team in these thrillers trace the source of deadly epidemics back through history, in order to find a cure in the present. Co-written with Dr. Walt Larimore.

In this prequel to The Mill House, a troubled young American woman flees to London just in time for the Blitz.

The Faded Flower is a short novel that looks at the pain of families dealing with Alzheimers.

When Frank learns his father has Alzheimer's, the one certain thing now is change. For Frank, there are the painful implications of unemployment and his father’s illness. For Pap, it means facing the affliction that is stealing his mind. 

On the outskirts of Peabody stands an old mansion known as The Faded Flower. For many, it is both a beginning and an end. For the Reynolds, it is the place where God’s grace will unfold, changing their understanding of what life is about--and for Frank, resurrecting faith, hope, and purpose in ways he’s never dreamed.

Based on Paul's play of the same name, this novel adds detail to the story of the fugitive Christians and the relentless man pursing them.  Will the Christian Underground reach them in time?